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IAC International Ankle Consortium

We are thrilled to welcome you to Strasbourg, France for the prestigious IAS10 event, taking place on October 4th and 5th, 2024, just a few months after the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Paris. The year 2024 also marks two decades since the launch of the International Ankle Consortium in 2004. On this occasion, the esteemed Strasbourg Convention Centre will open its doors to all of you who form this passionate community focused on the foot-ankle complex.

Strasbourg, the capital of Alsace, boasts numerous European Union institutions, a magnificent cathedral, and a historic city center classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. IAS10 2024 provides a wonderful opportunity for you to immerse yourselves in the city’s riches while participating in an ambitious professional event and embodying the symposium’s core ethos: “Science < Impact > Practice.”

This 10th edition is designed to offer you a unique and innovative program, blending evidence-based approaches and practice-based evidence. These two intellectually stimulating days will feature enlightening plenary sessions, symposia, free paper sessions, and workshops where clinicians and researchers from around the world will gather to share their pioneering work and profound expertise on the foot-ankle complex.

As a symbol of our commitment to inclusion, we will facilitate the participation of French-speaking clinicians and researchers by providing simultaneous translation services. The Friday evening gala dinner will also provide a friendly atmosphere for participants and speakers to engage in fruitful discussions. Additionally, in collaboration with our local sponsors and partners, we will offer several surprise social events during the congress.

International Ankle Consortium


About IAC

The International Ankle Consortium (IAC) was formed in 2004 with the aim of establishing a platform for sharing the latest scientific and clinical knowledge on the prevention and treatment of ankle injuries and disorders, especially lateral ankle sprains (LASs) and chronic ankle instability (CAI) in physically active populations. The IAC is an international network for researchers and clinicians who pursue to improve and keep developing the scientific and clinical evidence to clarify the characteristics and mechanisms of ankle injuries.
Since its establishment, the International Ankle Symposium has been held every two or three years and aims to bring together established researchers, clinicians and students, to promote exchanges between them and to share recent work on common themes. The IAS10 will take place in 2024 in Strasbourg, France.

History / timeline symposiums

University Biwako-Kusatsu Campus BKC – Osaka, Japan
Organization chair: Dr Masafumi Terada

Amsterdam UMC – Amsterdam, Netherlands
Organization chair: Evert Verhagen

University North Carolina – Chapel Hill, USA
Organization chair: Erik Wikstrom

University College – Dublin, Ireland
Organization chair: Eamonn Delahunt

University of Kentucky – Lexington, USA
Organization chair: Patrick McKeon

University of Sydney – Sydney, Australia
Organization chair: Claire Hiller

University College Dublin, IRL

University of Delaware, USA